4 reasons to consider staying in a cabin for a holiday

Are you taking a holiday and having a hard time choosing which hotel to stay in? Have you considered staying in a cabin instead? We bet you’re thinking about it now, but you have questions. “Why a cabin and not a hotel?” “How will this benefit me and my family/group?” We have the answers. Below is a list of 4 reasons to consider staying in a cabin for a holiday.

1. Peace and Quiet

Getting a hotel room for the duration of your holiday always seems to be a go-to when planning, but once you get there you sometimes realise how much you actually hate hotels. It can be crammed with guests, noisy, and overwhelming. This may not be the relaxing vacation you pictured for your family or friends.

Log Cabin Holidays offers peace and quiet. Hidden away from busy roads and motorways, the cabins offer a tranquil atmosphere for guests to enjoy. Private cabins ensure a peaceful night's sleep with no disturbances from thin hotel walls and guests walking past your door at all hours of the night.

Surrounded by fields, wildlife, and amazing views is a far better way to spend your holiday than risking a view of a parking area and noisy neighbours.

Speaking of views…

2. Beautiful Surroundings

In addition to having a lot of guests, hotels are typically located in populated areas with little to no room for picturesque surroundings.

Staying in a cabin leaves you with beautiful surroundings, especially at night. Where populated hotels are in areas filled with lights from buildings and other hotels. We’d much rather see the stars from a private hot tub!

Instead of seeking out the perfect picture spot, all you have to do is step out onto your veranda and you have the natural backdrop of the Suffolk countryside.

3. Privacy and Hot Tubs

Log Cabins Holidays offers space and privacy; with a variety of cabin types. 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms are available. An Athelington Lodge begins the range, then onto the Field View selection and finally, the newest cabins are the luxurious Primrose options. All cabins have their own private hot tub, either on a patio area or sunken into their verandas. A majority of the cabins also have a sauna too!

Cabins give guests the space to roam around and relax rather than just a space to sleep.

4. Pet-Friendly Cabins

The hardest part about going on vacation is leaving a pet behind. Many places are not pet-friendly. Being able to stay in a pet-friendly cabin relieves the stress of finding a pet sitter and paying for your furry friend to stay in a kennel. Not to mention the gorgeous countryside walks nearby. Your pet will thank you for giving them the chance to spend the vacation with you.

Pet-friendly cabins are available here at Log Cabin Holidays. All the Athelington Lodges and a couple of the Field View 2 Lodges welcome up to 2 pets. There is also a Primrose 2 and Primrose 3 which welcomes up to 1 pet.
.... 4 great reasons to consider staying in a cabin for a vacation!