A Perfect Location for EV Charging

We have recently installed two Project EV ‘Pay As You Go’ charging points here at Athelington Hall. Keeping up with technology is very important to us, and allows our guests to benefit from having these facilities on-site.

We know what you want when you are away from home and one of those things is convenience. Having a place to charge your vehicle while you take a break, possibly from a long journey, gives you one less thing to worry about. 

Guests can leave their vehicle charging during the daytime, whilst relaxing in a hot tub or overnight, whilst sleeping. 

EV charging with us is effortless: both bays have a 3-step guide on how to begin. 

1. Scan the QR code 

2. Create a user and add a value to your account 

3. Plug in, and you are ready to charge

Customers make a one-time payment for charging based on their usage. 

EV charging is more than just a trend. It is a transport choice that is being delivered across the UK and is growing exponentially daily. If you own an electric vehicle make sure to give these a try next time you stay with us!