AA Covid Confident Accreditation

The AA has launched a new covid confident accreditation scheme to highlight hospitality businesses meeting coronavirus safety guidelines and to reassure consumers.

The AA covid confident accreditation signposts businesses that have put in place risk assessments, safety measures and staff training, in line with the government and UKHospitality's published guidelines. We are delighted to be part of this.

Our cleaners undergo a very intensive cleaning checklist between visitors, this ensures each lodge is safe and clean ready for all new arrivals. We start with the entrance. The key and key lock box is cleaned, all external handles are disinfected. As we enter the lodge, we clean all internal doors and all handles are disinfected, we also sparkle the windows so you can see out clearly to our peaceful countryside views. It goes without saying that all surfaces and furniture is cleaned down, alongside light and power switches. All those key touch areas! We have special mist bottles with the correct solution to kill off bacteria and provide a deep clean. The cleaners will run all glassware, cutlery, and crockery through the dishwasher, returning these items back into clean cupboards. We make sure all the counter kitchen appliances, oven, fridge/freezer, washer/dryer and dishwasher have been thoroughly sanitised. As we make our way through the lodge, having spruced up the living area and kitchen area, we provide the same deep clean within the bathrooms. Paying special attention to touch points, tiles, screens, skirting boards, as well as the regular bleaching of the sink, toilet, and shower/bath. We place in a couple of rolls of toilet paper per bathroom, alongside two large towels per person, one hand towels and bathmat per bathroom. Our linen is externally supplied and meets all the covid safe requirements of washing. Our cleaners make all the bedrooms up with fresh linen and protectors prior to each visitor.

All our cabins have their own private hot tub, they are checked daily. We clean and dose these with all the correct chemicals to make them hygienic and safe for use. Bubble your troubles away, this is a great mood booster!

These extra measures and procedures that our cleaners are doing have been put in place to hopefully put your mind at ease. We want you to feel safe when booking and staying with us, after all selfcare and getaways are very important to our wellbeing, particularly after all the mayhem of 2020 so far!