Adventuring through the work week

While there is always a lot for us to do here at Log Cabin Holidays, we do like to enjoy ourselves while we do it.

Last week, Amy challenged us to go for the walk which we offer to guests who wish to explore the countryside straight from their cabin. So, Lisa and Sarah set off behind Peter who was mowing the path in front of them. When they got to the woods, Peter had to go back to the farm to re-fuel the mower, so he sent them off to do the other half of the walk alone.


While Amy and myself weren’t in work this day, we got a series of photos sent to us to update us on their progress. My favourite is the photo I have selected for this blog. Sarah was clearly not following the map or the path shown, but she was clearly having a really good time.


Unfortunately, Lisa and Sarah never finished the walk as intended. They did however, come back happy and having enjoyed the fresh air. While they felt stranded in the middle of the barley field, they could see our maintenance man’s hat in the distance. They called Matt and he was able to get them back to the farm without any injury.


Roll on Monday when I join them and we try this all over again. This week we will have the puppy Hattie with us too and I’m sure we will all enjoy the walk.


Don’t worry if you’re coming to stay with us though, we have this figured out and will be able to let you know where this beautiful walk can take you.