Humans of the Farm- Part 3

You don't just find animals on the farm, you need the people to look after them. So, meet John.


This is John. John is Peter’s eldest son and Amy’s eldest brother. He too is a partner in the business, alongside Peter and Amy. John has been working on the farm since he was 18 and now manages the farm side of the business; both looking after the pigs and the arable land. He is very busy most of the time in parts of the farm that our guests aren’t allowed to walk through. You will see him out and about in tractors all year round, or walking his dog, so wave if you see him. John’s favourite thing to do at the farm is spraying because he can see all of his handiwork while he’s watching the crops as they grow. The Hampshire pigs are kept for Cranswick and usually end up in a supermarket.