Humans of the farm part 4-b

You don't just find animals on the farm, you need the people to look after them. So, meet Sophie, Lisa and Sarah.

Here we have Sophie, Lisa and Sarah. These are the faces you will see when you check in to reception on a Monday or a Friday. They are also the voices you will hear over the phone or over email.  Let me introduce you to them.


Sophie, on the left, has been here two years. She works in the office a few days a week, although will definitely appear at the farm most days of the week as she can’t stay away. Sophie manages the social media, blogs and website, as well as dabbling in most other areas of the cabin business. You are likely to have a response from her on our social media or on the mobile when she is on call. She loves working here and really enjoys spending time with the other members of staff.


Lisa, in the middle, has worked here for almost a year. Lisa came to us with a teaching background, however is brilliant at what she does here and we wouldn’t be without her. Lisa oversees the cleaners and is in and out of the cabins on our changeover days making sure everything is up to scratch for our guests’ arrivals. She is a hugely valuable member of the team and we love having her here.


Sarah, on the right, is the newest member of the team. She is the one you are most likely to speak to from the office if you have any questions you need answered. She brings with her 6 years of hospitality experience and has learnt the ropes very quickly. She is polite, quiet natured and friendly and has definitely fitted into the team well. We are so glad that she has joined our team.