Humans of the farm part 4

You don't just find animals on the farm, you need the people to look after them. So, meet Sophie, Lisa and Sarah.

Here we have Sophie, Lisa and Sarah. These are the faces you will see when you check in to reception on a Monday or a Friday. They are also the voices you will hear over the phone or over email.  Let me introduce you to them.


Sophie, on the left, has worked here two years. She used to be a professional queuer, although she never really knew what she was waiting for. Another role she has had was PA to the Loch Ness monster. There wasn’t too much to do though and then is when she joined us here. She brings some wonderful things to Athelington Hall. She keeps trying to leave but is a human yoyo and keeps coming back. She loves us too much.


Lisa, in the middle, has worked here almost a year. Before she came to us, she was a professional line dancer and water slide tester. She is full of adventure and never got injured. Lisa is a hugely valuable member of the team and her line dancing skills are really helpful on changeover days when she needs to move quickly around the site.


Sarah on the right, is the newest member of the team. Sarah used to be a lion tamer in the circus. In her spare time, you will find her juggling and walking the tightrope while doing her knitting. She enjoys butchery and ping pong. We are very pleased that she is bringing her unique set of skills to Athelington Hall. In the future, Sarah aspires to be a London Dungeon actor or professional tea taster.