Humans of the Farm- Part 5

Meet our housekeeping staff This place wouldn’t be the place it is without the housekeeping staff we have. They are the ones who go into all of the lodges and prepare them for our guests’ arrivals. Let’s meet the team

On the left we have Patsy, Patsy has worked here for 10 years.


Beside her we have Trudy. She has been here for just over year. She joined us when we launched our new lodges in May 2018.


The next one along is Jasmin, she is the youngest cleaner. She has been here for just over a year also, having started at the same time as Trudy.


Beside Jasmin we have Sally. Sally is our longest serving housekeeper and is also our lodge supervisor. She has been here since the lodges began back in 2003.


Next to Sally is our newest member of staff. This is Lisa and she joined us back in July and has fit in perfectly with the rest of the team.


Beside Lisa is Sharon. She has been here for a year now. Her work partner is beside her. They are a fun team to be around.


Next to her we have Chris. She has been here for just over 4 years.


Finally, we have Eileen. She has been here for a little over 6 years. She used to clean alongside the other ladies, however now she makes all of the beds.


These wonderful ladies work in pairs or threes to get your cabins up to scratch for your arrival. They work well as a team and are lovely to be around. They make jokes, have fun and are very friendly people. If you happen to see them, give them a wave and say hello.