Is there a hot tub?

Something people often ask us is whether the cabin they’re looking at has a hot tub. The good news is that here at Log Cabin Holidays we see it as something important for a relaxing break, therefore all 17 of our cabins have their own private hot tub.

Hot tubs are beneficial to their users for many reasons.


Firstly, they are excellent for stress relief. When you’re away on holiday and wanting to relax, stress relief will be high on your list of priorities I’m sure. When I go out to the cabins and walk past the hot tubs, just the smell can help me feel a little relaxed. The regular use of a hot tub, through a combination of buoyance, heat and massage will relieve tension and stress in your body. When you come and stay with us, you can soak away your trouble each day you’re here.


Not only are hot tubs excellent for stress relief, they also help you sleep more soundly. What an amazing benefit! Studies have shown that soaking in a hot tub prior to bed time will not only help you fall asleep, but will provide a deeper and more relaxing sleep as your body cools down. This sounds like a perfect holiday to me, stress relieving and a good nights’ sleep.


Finally, similarly to the first reason, hot tubs can also relieve your weary muscles, especially if you plan to spend your holiday ere exploring the beautiful Suffolk countryside by foot or by bike. While Suffolk is stunning to explore, you could be going for miles and miles in a day. If this is the case, your legs won’t feel at all like they’ve had a holiday, unless of course you rest them in the hot tub when you return to your cabin at the end of the day.