It's Wintertime

December can be a busy month, with potential January blues around the corner.. so how best to rest?

We all know the benefits from rest, but have we considered how much it could help us to take a short break away in the rural countryside, just to give our minds a break!

Rest does not only involve physical relaxation, but mental as well. Mental exertion can also affect our body’s ability to cope or keep up and can cause us to feel overwhelmed and physically exhausted.

Here at Athelington, we’ve been talking about how lovely it would be to jet set away from this chilly weather and take a few days away in the sun to switch off. But what we really need this time of year to relax could be a simple UK break in a luxury cabin within the picturesque Suffolk countryside. Take a moment to consider all the benefits. I know I am biased, as I LOVE a cabin break away with a hot tub and sauna. Most people who have experienced this type of holiday are sure to agree! You should try it.

The cabins on our site offer a home from home stay, allowing you to take some quiet time with your loved one or perhaps ask the whole family to join and build your relationships with some much needed catch up time. Getting back to basics with lots of local walks and playing in our traditional games room. A self-catering cabin provides an ideal base to explore the quiet surrounding areas, yet also to hide away from the busy world, read a book, open a glass of wine and keep warm.

It’s important to look after you, at this time of year, as well as everyone else. Life gets busy, enjoy some quiet moments!