What do we love about Autumn?

We've certainly left Summer, after all we are in October! But today's glorious sunshine could fool us all. It's a beautiful and warm day.
Today, after taking a long woodland walk, I started thinking about why so many people love Autumn. For me it is seeing all the changing colours of leaves. Trees that were once green explode into beautiful hues of gold, red, and orange. 
But as seasons change, it can also affect your emotions. Come Autumn, we may feel a heady mix of nostalgic yearning, renewed optimism, and abstract melancholy. We may be sentimental, remembering long-gone school days or how excited we used to be as children, knowing Halloween was round the corner. 
But remember, this season just has it ALL! There's literally nothing you can't love about Autumn. Woodland walks, pheasants dashing on the roads, deer in the fields, delicious belly filling comfort food, bubble baths, red wine, hot chocolate and layering up the knitwear, with a good book
I say this, as I'm surrounded in the picturesque Suffolk countryside, where our 17 log cabins are situated. Have you stayed with us in Autumn? We have many guests that repeat their bookings the same date year after year, others try a different time of year to gain a different experience. But we also have some that wait for any last-minute offers not knowing what the seasons may hold but taking a gamble on the best deal available. Rest assured, however you decide on what month of the year to take your holiday our site always meets expectations. We've been known as 'The Hidden Suffolk Gem!'. Our cabins offer the comfort and warmth that you are looking for, with a glowing feature fireplace, relaxing sauna and private hot tub. Each cabin is slightly unique, so speak with us in the office ahead of booking if you need assistance in getting what is right for you.
Season changes are good for humans. And, holidays breaks in a Log Cabin are even better!